Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Android Roundup: Gemenoid-DK

Some say the market for companionbots will be women; they traditionally are alienated from the institution of prostitution because of the exploitation of women but the number of women paying for it is increasing. They tend to go on vacation and indulge in tourism in the Caribbean or Southeast Asia. It's referred to politely as a 'Vacation Romance'. Well, the market is a bit different in other ways too. A Madame in Spain who runs a brothel for women was quoted in Love and Sex with Robots discussing the importance of conversation to her female clientele. When I saw the Gemenoid-DK, with his distinguished greying hair and mild manners, I thought, hey, that's a gold mine. It'll be interesting to see if the dynamic plays out that way, but one indicator seems to be the strong market for women's bedroom toys.

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