Monday, August 22, 2011

Firefox 6: Ok, it's still cool.


I've nearly defected to Opera on Windows because the graphics are so good with all the plush antialiased hotness and scaled fonts with serifs and everything! But then Firefox 6 is pawing at me to upgrade (half the uptight sites I know can't even support Firefox 5 yet) and I did it. Which led me to this incredibly cool feature which was simply a twenty question quiz to make a cute collage. The best web apps are this: one-off wonders with cheap thrills and a share link. We make something, we share it, we comment, our friends do it, and it's a conversation. Good job Firefox! Unify is alluring, but that browser has more compatibility problems than you, even (what it does with Javascript is such a pain, who has to be W3 ALL THE TIME). So for now, I'm still on board, and making my own personas.